• Category: Freetouring
  • Core: Swiss-Triple-Woodcore
  • Technology: Triax-Flax-Construction with carbon stringer, Classic Camber with Tip&Tail Rocker, Tip&Tail Taper
  • Radius: 16.8 m, 19.8 m, 22.8 m
  • Sidecut 128-98-114
  • Weight (per ski): 1600 g @ 176 cm
  • Lenghts: 166 cm, 176 cm, 186cm
  • With a mere 98mm, the NUTCRACKER is our smallest bird in the nest. With its combination of a classic camber, Tip&Tail rocker and Taper, it is a good-natured, high-performance ski that is at home in high mountain regions. The NUTRACKER is ideal for the ambitious free ride ski tourer, who tackles longer, more challenging climbs or enjoys a haute-route, but doesn't want to do without the downhill fun of a freeride ski.
    All skis are made to order!

  • CHF 1395.-



  • Category: Freeride/Freetouring
  • Core: Swiss-Triple-Woodcore
  • Technology: Triax-Flax-Construction with carbon stringer, Full Rocker, Tip&Tail Taper
  • Radius: 19,9 m, 23,5 m, 27,4 m
  • Sidecut: 134-112-126
  • Weight (per ski): 1760 g @ 176 cm
  • Lenghts: 166 cm, 176 cm, 186 cm
  • The best of both worlds - lightweight on the inside, with all the characteristics of a freeride-oriented downhill ski on the outside. The JACKDAW is an reliable buddy on extended trips, the medium free ride width provides enough buoyancy for slopes covered in deep snow. Thanks to the construction with Full-Rocker,Tip&Tail Taper and a well balanced flex, the JACKDAW is an easy ride. Even in varying snow conditions it's all fun and games!
    All skis are made to order!

  • CHF 1395.-



  • Category: Freeride/Freeride
  • Core: FSC-Triple-Woodcore
  • Technology: Triax-Flax-Construction with carbon stringer, Classic Camber with Tip&Tail Rocker, Tip&Tail Taper
  • Radius: 17.1 m, 19.5 m
  • Sidecut: 138-118-130
  • Weight (per ski): 1840 g @ 176 cm
  • Lenghts: 176 cm, 186 cm, 192cm
  • The all new PHOENIX has the perfect features for a big day. Whether enjoying wide open slopes or playful pillow lines through the forest, the PHOENIX will be your perfect companion for your adventure! Thanks to its low weight, the PHOENIX can be taken on day trips, where it feels most at home after a fresh dump. With its combination of a classic camber, Tip&Tail rocker and Taper, it offers good control on hardpacked with a playful easy ride in deep powder.
    All skis are made to order!

  • CHF 1395.-



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The beginning

EARLYBIRD SKIS was founded in 2014 by passionate freeskier and engineer Hanno Schwab in Bern, Switzerland. The brandname came from the idea to be the pioneer in sustainable ski engineering and to be the first to get on the mountain and catch a big line. With great support and help of friends and supporting partners, we build the best performing, most sustainable skis on the market!

The idea

Freeskiing is an outdoor sport where the athlete is just a guest in nature. To keep our enviromental impact as low as possible the idea of building enviromental friendly, sustainable skis was obvious to us as engineers. The goal was to build lightweight, powerfull freeskis which beat the top skis available in performance and weight and engineered as sustainable as possible. Be the first, be an earlybird!

The product

Today we offer three different well balanced shapes for different purposes, but all with the same layup-construction: our ECO PERFORMANCE LAYUP combines regional sourced woodcores, 100% natural flax fibres, epoxy resin with lower enviromental impact, PTEX racebase made from recycled material, wooden sidewalls and topsheets, oil finish and branded logos. LEARN MORE IN THE ECOTECH SECTION.


Sustainable by design

Earlybirdskis combines the latest eco-responsible rawmaterials to build skis at highest performance. We combine regional swiss wood and FSC certified wood in a triplewood skicore, a high amount of natural flax-fibres, a biobased epoxyresin and a sintered graphit racebase made with recycled rawmaterials and we use a 100% biobased skiwax. The top-sheet is made out of robinia vaneer, all logos are branded. The finish is made with a two-component natural oil.


Every piece of wood is handselected to ensure perfect quality of the cores. We buy from a local, family run sawmill. Every tree comes from the surrounding forests, the energy is produced by their own pv on site. Made out of ultralight and flexible poplar, strong and flexible ash and ultra dense robina (sidewalls) these cores are at the top of the range without using any imported raw materials. The even lighter skicores of the NUTCRACKER series are made of imported FSC certified wood from sustainable forestry.

Natural Fibre Composites

Bcomp flax has very similar characteristics than carbon fibres but offers much better damping, the raw material is 100% natural. The use of carbon is reduced to an absolute minimum as a useful combination with the natural fibres to extend product lifetime. The biobased epoxyresin has a lower environmental impact than standard systems

Production line

To reduce the enviromental impact, our press was constructed from an ultrastrong beech-plywood material instead of steel. It is an pneumatic press with a PID controlled heating system. The skimolds are CNC machined to ensure highest quality.

Natural finish

We use branding-irons for our topsheet design. Branding wood is absolutely harm free. The surface of the vaneer is burned and changes color which is a perfect contrast to the color of the oiled wooden topsheet vaneer.

100% Handmade

Every process of the production is made in our professional workshop near Bern, Switzerland. We work with enthusiasm to build the best skis for epic powder days! All skis are made to order.


winter is back

is the first in a series of short motion pictures about our passion skibuilding and skiing. More will follow, stay tuned | Rider: Simon Charriere | Camera Switzerland: FB Photography & Klemens Brysch, MMM | Camera Japan: Sean Charlton White | Music: smile now go by Greg Dombrowski | Locations: Switzerland and Japan


Ambassador Team

To develop, test and push our products, we work together with a team of passionate mountain professionals. When we form a partnership with an athlete, we are looking for skiers that want to ride one of the best freetouring skis in the world and are committed to the same passion for ultimate performance, quality and sustainability as we are. Follow the latest news and stories from our team on our social media channels: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

Ambassadors: Janine Tschanhenz (A), Alex Gammeter (CH), Johanna Bogner (D), Pierre Monnier (JP)


visit us at GRENZENLOS Messe St.Gallen this weekend! 19th to 21st of january - #grenzenlos #stgallen #madeinbern #sustainablebydesign #swisshandmade

ambassador @pep_0ne airing the natural features at his homespot in #hokkaido #japow #freeski 📸 by @charlie_wood_filmmaker

getting steep at ‚canal holzer‘ in the Dolomites- ambassadors @janinetschanhenz and @johanna.bogner had a fun weekend with steep couloirs and great snow conditions ❄️ #winter1718 #dolomiten #freeski #freetouring #thespiritifmountainsports #steepskiing @vaudesport @pomocaskins @julbo_eyewear

a random day in the office for our ambassador based in Hokkaido @pep_0ne #japanuary #japow #powdertothepeople #freeski #earlybirdskis #madeinbern #sustainablebydesign

goodbye to our longtime ambassador @simon.charriere - Simon decided to leave the earlybirdskis team. Thank you for all the good times and trips and all the best for the future. #timetosaygoodbye #earlybirdskis #thestokewashigh 📸 by @flo__hi_

‚pillow dream‘ - @alexgammeter shredding the #japow on the earlybird OWASHI skis ❄️❄️❄️- #gobigorgohome #japanuary #hokkaido #freetouring #freeski #madeinbern

all skis produced from now on come with the diecut earlybird logo in the base #madeinbern #swissmade #makethingsbetter #sustainablebydesign #skibuilding #freeski @entropyresins_eu @bcompltd 📸 by

ambassador @alexgammeter chasing powder in Hokkaido- testing our new 192cm powder gun OWASHI - 136mm waist, full rocker, full reverse sidecut, swallowtail, 1900gr- first impressions: big smiles 😀#japow #freeski #winter1718 #madeinbern #gobigorgohome #powdertothepeople 📸 by lorenz gammeter @pomocaskins @bcompltd @entropyresins_eu

a good start into the New Year 2018- winter 17/18 keep going like this you are awesome ❄️❄️❄️-📸by ambassador @janinetschanhenz @vaude @pomocaskins #thespiritofmountainsports #winter17/18 #freeski #freetouring #montafon